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What's your favorite....
Beverage (non-alc) ? red bull
Color ? piink
Food ? chinese
Item of clothing ? jeansss
Meal of the day ? umm what?
Feature on yourself ? dont knoww
Quality in a guy/girl ? funnyy.def.
Phrase ? thats hott.
Song ? dashboard confessionals~the sharp hint of new tears
Musical Artist/Band ? everything
Sport ? idk..lacross
Movie ? i have lotss.
TV Show ? degrassi~ intense
Radio Station ? dosnt matter
Type of Chocolate ? idk..
Eye Color ? hazel

Do you/Have you ever....

Have any pets ? yeahh dog babrina and 2 cats luey and babygirl..ew
Have any piercings ? yeah ears..
Have any tatoos ? nah
Cheat on a boyfriend/girlfriend what? nope
Gone skinny dipping ? oh yess
Been to Europe ? nope.but want too
Been to an island ? yeahpp
Had stitches ? no..pshh
Broken any bones ? no..i dont think soo
Been stabbed/shot ? umm no..
Slept until after 12:00 ? yeahh till 3
Stayed up all night ? YEAH..
Hooked up with 2 people in one weekend ? umm i dont think soo
Turned down a dare ? haha sometimes..
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